About the ILPN Member Database

ILPN welcomes persons and institutions who are interested and involved in the field of Long-Term Care to become members. Ideally our members are academics, researchers and professionals. Membership is free, but to subject to approval from the ILPN team. If you have any queries about eligibility or suitability please contact us at ilpn@lse.ac.uk.

ILPN membership comes with several benefits, such as:

  1. Facility to create and maintain an update professional profile in our website
  2. Get email updates on latest news and events in long-term care
  3. Participate in discussion forums,
  4. Opportunity to participate in collaborative research in areas related to long-term care
  5. Discounts when available to events exclusively hosted by ILPN
  6. Job and internship opportunities

The ILPN membership directory cannot be used for commercial mailings nor can the information be copied — modified or otherwise — into another database or address book, without the consent of the member.

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